Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if I have an error on my store?


As soon as Noibu detects an error on your store we instantly notify you with an email/SMS notification that includes the error, url and additional details that you can use to solve the error or forward to your development shop. Noibu sends you a weekly report for the errors that occurred during the week.


What errors do you detect?


We detect UI errors that can impact add to cart and checkout functionality. These errors can be one-off errors or recurring errors for all customers. Errors can be browser specific, device specific or OS specific. We make the error easy to understand so that you can decide if someone in-house can fix it or if you need to send it to your developer to address.


What if I do not know how to code?


Noibu is designed for ecommerce professionals and you do not need to know how to code in order to navigate these errors. Reporting includes easy to read error details that you can action.


What if I have multiple stores?


Not a problem, if you have multiple stores contact sales and we can get you started


How are errors detected?


Noibu detects errors by quietly listening to users as they navigate your website. When they are blocked at the checkout or add to cart our system notifies you of the issue so that you can address it right away so that no additional customers experience this issue.


Can multiple people in my organization be notified of an error?


Yes, during the onboarding process you can select multiple people to be notified of an error.


How is this different from traditional QA software?


Noibu is designed for ecommerce professionals to navigate critical errors without the need for coding knowledge. Noibu tracks UI related errors that are often missed by traditional QA software that results from:


  • Third party integrations

  • Redesigns

  • Browser/device issues

Does this slow down my website?


No, Noibu runs quietly in the background of your store.


Does this affect my analytics?


No, Noibu does not affect your Google Analytics, Heap Analytics, Shopify Analytics, or any additional analytics software you may be using.


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