Noibu tells you which website errors are hurting your sales - and shows you the proof.


Our software monitors your ecommerce site and flags errors that prevent real customers from checking out. We collect all the information your developers need to quickly resolve them. 


Works seamlessly with Magento, Shopify Plus, BigCommerce, Woocommerce and all other website platforms.

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Increase your sales and conversions with Noibu

Get a free audit on your website to find existing errors

Detect errors as they happen

Over 90% of website errors are never reported by customers. Noibu monitors your ecommerce site and flags errors in real-time; from a broken image carousel to a critical checkout error. Nothing gets missed.

“Noibu instantly discovered a crucial bug on the checkout page. Since we were still receiving new orders every day, we never expected to have an issue with the checkout, nor would we have found it on our own.” Natalie Giroux, Ecommerce Project Manager, Fruits & Passion


Once you have a complete list of errors...

Prioritize based on conversion data

The combination of multiple plugins, browsers, devices, and customer activity can result in dozens or even hundreds of small website errors. Noibu surfaces the critical errors that are hurting sales and conversions:

  • Errors that occur on your checkout page

  • Errors that negatively impact conversions, i.e. broken ‘add to cart’ button


“I love the fact that Noibu highlights the important errors using coloured tags. I know where to look right away, I don’t have to manually review hundreds of reports.” Luca Gerini, Director of Ecommerce, Stroili


Knowing what needs to get fixed first...

Resolve errors faster. No more dead-ends.

Without knowing exactly how an error occurred, developers can spend hours trying to recreate it before giving up. Noibu removes all the guesswork by providing detailed web session information for each error, including:

  • Session replays of customers experiencing the error

  • Browser and device information 

  • Javascript stack trace with timestamp 


Designed to save your team +10 hours/week.


Noibu is built to make these roles happy

Ecommerce and Marketing

Optimize your conversion rates by simply making sure that everything on the website functions properly. Plus, improve the customer experience at the same time. Noibu helps you address the revenue-impacting errors first, so you can show quantifiable results in the first 3 months after implementation.

IT and Development

Developers tell us that, before Noibu, they were unable to fix 70-80% of website errors. The reason? They rarely received enough information about the error to be able to recreate it. Noibu gathers detailed web session information about each error on the website - even before it gets assigned to you. Fewer dead-ends means more jobs well done. 


Noibu works seamlessly with all ecommerce platforms, website builders, and custom sites. Our most popular integrations:

Increase your sales and conversions with Noibu

Get a free audit on your website to find existing errors


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