Find errors and increase sales


Automated critical error detection for your ecommerce website


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Increase Sales

Automate Repetitive Tasks

Retain Loyal Customers


Critical Error Prioritization Made Easy

Noibu monitors your ecommerce website and when users experience critical errors you are notified via email. Noibu provides you with a non-technical overview of each error and assists you with prioritizing by helping you understand the true impact of an error. Replay real user sessions of the error.

Noibu provides you with a developer packet that you can send to your development team to action and fix the error.


Monitor your add-to-cart functionality


Diagnose checkout errors

Website Uptime

Be notified when your website goes down


Noibu helps me test important aspects of my ecommerce website that are key for the success of my store. Small and medium-sized business do not have the capacity to check for critical errors everyday and Noibu helps them do just that."

Noibu instantly discovered a crucial bug on the checkout page that was preventing customers from completing their order online on some browsers. Since we were still receiving new orders every day, we never expected to have an issue with the checkout, nor would we have found it without Noibu."

Kinza Nasri, Creative Director

Natalie Giroux, Ecommerce Project Manger


We service the leading ecommerce platforms in the world.

We help some of the leading brands in the world process over 100,000,000 errors/year.

HQ: 160 Louis-Pasteur Private, Ottawa, ON K1N 9A7

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