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Why Visual Merchandising is the Secret Sauce to a Retail Success Story

Visual merchandising is the act of strategically placing items around your store to optimize sales. Psychologically, humans like when displays are organized and visually appealing. The goal of visual merchandising is to immerse the customer amidst the product and to convince them to buy it based on what they see in their surroundings.

Floor plans

An important component of visual merchandising is choosing what floor plan works best for your company. According to Darren Gilbert from Dotactive, a floor plan is, “a visual representation of where and how to position your categories in your store.” This entails that your store must be set up in a logical fashion so there is no confusion amongst your potential customers. In addition, your store should be designed in a way that limits customer back up. The last thing you want is for your customers to leave because it feels to crowded!

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3 is a magic number

Whether it is the three musketeers or the three Rs, everything seems to come in threes. Psychologically, the number three to humans is a number of stability. Our eyes are immediately drawn to the object in the centre of the three items because it is protected on both sides. This is why you should place one of your most exquisite and best selling items in the centre of a group of three things on display. This will create a focal point as individuals are shopping as their eyes will venture towards the centre of a group of three.

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Another way to turn your retail store into a success story is through leaving your products out on display to try. For example, if you’re a home and decor store, it is a great idea to have a bed on display with a variety of duvet covers and pillows that you sell in store. This way, customers feel inclined to touch the fabrics and try out what they see in front of them. They can also begin to envision what the products would look like in their own spaces. The same goes with mannequins and clothing as well.

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Optimal Product Display

Finally, the last thing to keep in mind is to ensure that your products are visible to the customers. The more expensive or popular products should be in arms reach and easily seen. Although they should be easily seen, some of the classic bestsellers should be located at the back of the store and some should be located right at the front. When a product is located at the front of a store, it can reel a customer in however, when a product is located at the back of your store a customer has to walk through the whole store where they will pass by more of your products.

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