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Faye Mamarbachi of m0851 Provides her Insight on Innovation in Retail

Updated: Jul 17, 2019

m0851 is a Montreal based fashion brand that focuses on designing high quality bags, outerwear and accessories. m0851 is a brand that puts a strong value on the quality of their products in order to ensure that their customers are 100% satisfied with their purchase. We interviewed Faye Mamarbachi, the Director of Marketing at m0851, to share her knowledge on the fast-paced and ever-changing world of retail.

Faye Mamarbachi, Director of Marketing at m0851

Technology has become a key element of a retailer’s short and long-term strategy. Faye believes that, “we are in a retail reality where it is no longer an option to use technology or not.” It is no longer a matter of choice whether to use new technologies in the retail space, but a necessity to do so. Faye states that, “It has become imperative to evolve with technology as it has become such an important factor in the retail formula”. With the enhanced use of technology, Faye believes that it can be used to the retailers benefit. It can help create and solidify an omnichannel of communication between the online and in-store experience with greater ease. The use of an omnichannel strategy also enables them to create a customized approach, allowing the client to have a personalized shopping experience. Faye explained that it is about communicating with your clients directly and, “knowing what they want before they know they want it”. In the competitive era of retail, Faye thinks it’s extremely important to, “adapt and evolve as a brand owner because if you don’t, the conclusion will be drastic.”

In regards to communication with clients, Faye also reflected on how strong of a bond m0851 has with its customers. In a time where there is so much happening within the retail space, m0851 has always stuck true to their brand values. She explained that this works in m0851’s favour because it helps them build their niche audience. Those who shop at m0851 are the people who place high value on how their merchandise is produced and how environmentally mindful their favourite brands are. “I think it’s a very exciting time for brands, especially brands like ours where the roots of our values are based upon traceability which many people are concerned about.” When pondering m0851’s niche market, she believes that their core clientele are not based on age, gender or culture, instead it’s about their philosophy of life. “They are people who really support the way that we do things, not only on the design part but also on the production and manufacturing.” She believes that buyers are making a shift towards favouring companies that have strong values which is advantageous to m0851, as more and more consumers move away from “fast fashion” towards sustainable and ethical options.

Her final piece of advice to retailers is that, “at the end of the day, you have to have passion for what you do and if you do, you have all of the energy to want to learn more which is an imperative part of owning a business today. It’s just a matter of knowing what’s out there, being informed and being in-tune with what your strategy is and making sure you’re aligned and focused on your forward thinking.” Mamarbachi knows the importance of having strong brand values which has allowed her to curate m0851’s online presence into one that accurately represents their brands mission, thereby enhancing the omnichannel and the relationship between their brand and their customers.


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