3 Ways to Deliver Your In-Store Customer Journey on Your Webstore

Updated: Jul 17, 2019

Whether it is Aritzia which brings a dark and elegant atmosphere or Anthropologie which reminds the customer of last summer when they walked on a sunny beach, every store has a very specific feeling to it. Retail is rapidly shifting to online store-fronts and it is essential that your customers get that same in-store vibe when shopping online. Creating an online store that is as captivating and alluring as one in person sounds impossible, however, it can be made easy by following these tips:

1. Leveraging Your Storefront Experience

To be successful in the competitive retail world, it is essential to bring something different to the table. Websites are now the first point of contact between the company and the consumer and therefore, it is important to have that first contact be a positive one. Unfortunately, as our lives become more mobile, it becomes challenging to maintain your audience’s attention. That is where we come in. Noibu helps you build a shoppable virtual storefront. This allows your customer to to understand what your brand is about, allowing your customers to dive right into the atmosphere of your store and connect with the experience on an emotional level. With the thousands of similar looking ecommerce websites, this tool will help you stand out and showcase what your brand is all about.

2. Aesthetics

No one wants to walk into a store that looks run down and dirty. Just like regular stores, a web-store should be extremely organized and up-to-date. It should also match the colours that are traditionally in your stores. For example, a brand like Tiffany & Co. would not want their online store to be bright pink and that is why their online store is pristine and has light touches of silver and teal. By using specific fonts, colour schemes and image placements, you can accentuate the online presence of your store. In addition, the aesthetics of your store should be clean and precise. The worst thing is when you are shopping online and you feel bombarded with pop-ups, too many bright colours and small fonts. If you’re interested in checking out a website that has beautiful aesthetics that align with their in-store feel, check out Louis Vuitton’s website.

3. Reciprocity

When a customer is browsing in-store, they have the option of trying things on and seeing if it fits right or if they like the quality of it, but unfortunately when shopping online, that option does not exist. A sales strategy that many stores now use is based upon the idea of reciprocity. Reciprocity is about giving back to the customers, which makes them feel a stronger bond to the brand but also makes them feel more inclined to give back to you. But what does this have to do with delivering your in-store customer journey online? It means that when they are paying for their items at the checkout cart, you inform them that their purchase comes with a free tote. It also could mean that you can send them free samples of products they would like to try just like how they do so in-store. This way, your customer is trying more of your products and will become a dedicated consumer of your brand.

The implication of these techniques should make your sales skyrocket and will maintain your brand’s high quality reputation by keeping it up to date with our developing world. These tips also will give your customer the same feelings they have when shopping your store in person!


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